Seated Banquet
Seated Banquet

Long after your event is over, your guests will remember what food you served. At A La Carte Events & Catering, we believe your menu to reflect your taste and vision of your party. It can be fancy, with tiny little hors d’ oeuvres or whole hog – literally – roasted on-site. Here are some things to consider:

  • What’s the occasion? A sophisticated event calls for sophisticated cuisine, where a laid back affair will call for more casual food.
  • What’s the date of your event? That dictates what fruits and vegetables are in season, and whether your guests will crave comfort food or light, refreshing bites.
  • What are your guests like? Taking dietary restrictions and preferences into consideration is a good way to delight your guests, they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness.

At A La Carte Events & Catering, the chef and event planners are happy to customize your menu. For the first six years, we didn’t serve the exact same menu twice, and when we finally did, it was because a River Oaks socialite was entertaining two different groups in a two-day time span and requested it.

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